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Is'nana The Were-Spider Vol 01 Forgotten Stories

Product Number: 9780997362800


Writer: Greg Anderson-Elysee

Artist: Walter Ostlie

Publisher: Webway Comics

Accidentally breaking a barrier between our world and theirs (The Mother Kingdom), Is'nana, the son of Anansi the Spider, God of Stories, accepts the responsibility for releasing creatures of horror into our world- villains who will not hesitate to cause chaos and mayhem to acheive their own diabolical or selfish goals.

With guidance from his father, Is'Nana not only strives to live up to his father's name, but also to realize his own potential while he seeks to discover his individuality and find his place in the world. That is, if he can survive an encounter with one of Anansi's arch rivals- Osebo the Leopard, a dangerous for who seeks to be the legend remembered and not forgotten- by any means necessary!

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