Product Number: ICOSAGON


Publisher: Ecstasy Editions


20 Artists

Curated by Jon Vaughn

Published by Ecstasy Editions

Perfect bound, 96 pages, b/w.

Front cover by Aidan Koch

Back cover by Marie-Anne Mohanna

Comics by:

Chou Yi (Taiwan)

Óscar Raña (Spain)

Paul Parant (UK)

Antoine Orand (Belgium)

Sun Bai (France)

Dansleciel Toutvabien (France)

Micah Lexier (Canada)

Ed Cheverton (UK)

Kaja Meyer (Denmark)

Chris Harnan (UK)

Cynthia Alfonso (Spain)

Marie-Anne Mohanna (France)

Sophia Prieto (Columbia)

Loic Movellan (Germany)

Tom Jones (France)

Sophie Artz (Germany)

Aidan Koch (USA)

Protey Temen (Russia)

Atelier McClane (France)

Antonio Carrau (Uruguay)

Icosagon is a curated anthology of 20 international artists. A series of events depicted by 10 artists, are mirrored, run parallel or inverted by 10 other artists. In the table of contents, it shows the events run clockwise along an icosagon, a 20 sided shape representing a multiverse in which 20 universes emerge from a big bang at the centre. The reader explores the icosagon by turning the pages of the book, seeing the events unfold as if it could be understood from beginning to end. As the reader reaches the second half of the book, eerie similarities arise that urge them flip back and forth, looking for connections between events and universes, contemplating both the common threads and differences between each unique reality within one singular whole.

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