Hulk by Loeb & Mcguinness Omnibus HC

Product Number: 9781302918057

$100.00 $85.00 15%

Writer: Audrey Loeb

Artist: Ed McGuinness

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Theres a sadistic new red-skinned Hulk in the Marvel Universe. Who or what is he? One things for sure: Hes a Hulk with a mission...and itll be an explosive battle when he collides with the original green-skinned goliath! As Marvels greatest minds try to uncover the Red Hulks secrets, She-Hulk calls in the cavalry to bring him down! Meanwhile, Rick Jones adjusts to a startling new status quo and whats wrong with Doc Samson? When Domino sees too much, Red Hulk assembles a hit squad to silence her. But whose side is the new Red She-Hulk on? And when Red Hulks mysterious backers stand revealed, can Marvels greatest heroes halt an unstoppable red tide of destruction? Collecting HULK (2008) #1-24, KING-SIZE HULK #1, FALL OF THE HULKS: GAMMA, HULK-SIZED MINI-HULKS #1 and material from INCREDIBLE HULK (2009) #600 and WOLVERINE (2003) #50. Rated T+