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Hot Toys Avengers Endgame Iron Strange Concept Art Series 1/6 Scale Die-Cast Action Figure

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An alternate version of a scene shared as concept art in The Art of Avengers: Endgame reveals that fans are close to witness the Master of the Mystic Arts fights in Iron Man’s armor! During the outer-space rescue, Tony Stark sends his nano suit onto Doctor Strange to protect him so that he can escape from Ebony Maw’s torture needles. The armor then forms itself around the Eye of Agamotto, and the Eye of Agamotto effectively burns a glyph into the chest turning it into a magically powered suit, rather than an RT-powered suit.

Taken inspiration from the concept art of Avengers: Infinity War as seen in The Art of Avengers: Endgame, Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited to unveil Iron Strange Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from the Avengers: Endgame Concept Art Series collection.

Expertly crafted based on the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, the highly detailed Doctor Strange figure features a newly painted head sculpt with remarkable likeness; specially applied metallic red, gold and silver colored painting on armors with patterns of the Eye of Agamotto on chest plate; LED light-up functions scattered throughout the suit, iconic weapons and accessories including LED light-up Energy Displacer Sentries, Hand Cannons, a selection of mystic art effect, a themed backdrop and a dynamic figure stand.

Reserve a spot for this Iron Strange figure to your special Marvel collection today.

The Iron Strange Sixth Scale Figure features:

Authentic and detailed likeness of Iron Strange inspired by The Art of Avengers: Infinity War as seen in The Art of Endgame
One (1) newly painted head sculpt with authentic likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Movie-accurate facial features with detailed beard, wrinkles and skin texture
Approximately 32cm tall
Over 30 points of articulations
Contains diecast material
Special features on armor:
Metallic red, gold and silver colored painting on the sleek and streamline armor design
Specially designed chest plate fused with the Eye of Agamotto
21 LED light-up points throughout parts of the armor (white light, battery operated)
One (1) pair of articulated air flaps at back of the armor
One (1) detachable chest armor to reveal interior mechanical design
Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands including:
One (1) pair of fists
One (1) pair of mystic power-using hands (white light, battery operated)
One (1) pair of battle hands with light-up repulsor (white light, battery operated)
Articulations on waist armor which allow flexible movement
Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted

One (1) set of four LED light-up Energy Displacer Sentries (battery operated, attachable to figure stand)
One (1) pair of Hand Cannon (interchangeable with forearms)

One (1) reddish orange-colored mystic art effect
One (1) set blue-colored battle mystic art effect
One (1) pair of blue-colored mandalas of light
Four (4) pieces of blue-colored mandalas of light in different sizes (wearable on forearms)
One (1) blue-colored square-shaped mystic art effect
One (1) spaceship themed backdrop
Specialized articulated display poles for Energy Displacer Sentries (attachable to figure stand)
A dynamic figure stand with movie logo and character nameplate

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