Product Number: 9781603814010

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Writer: Geoffrey Reed

Artist: Geoffrey Reed

Publisher: fannypress

A one-page strip that first appeared on the Internet in 2008, Hoofjob is a crudely drawn gag comic that focuses on pop culture and taboos in all their formats. Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, race, religion...no topic is left unskewed. Drawn in a cartoon style influenced by artists such as Don Martin, Peter Bagge and Matt Groening, these silly images clash with the often dark, disturbing narratives of the strips in a way that can only be described as jarring. Salty Peters and Dick Smalls appear throughout the book as two bumbling n'er do wells-a modern day odd couple trying to make it in today's crazy mixed up world. Hoofjob Comics is filled with dick jokes, scatological humor, profanity and cartoon nudity. If you are an adult with a dark sense of humor and a juvenile heart, you just may fall in love!

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