GI Joe ReAction Sailor Beard Dark Brown Action Figure

Product Number: 840049815186


Publisher: Super7

The Armed Forces aren’t made up of just one branch of the service, and neither is G.I. Joe. They are joined by Navy-themed “Blueshirt” ReAction figures who are ready to join the fight! These 3.75” articulated G.I. Joe ReAction Blueshirts figures all have Navy style casual blue uniforms with white hats and either bearded, clean-shaven, or mustache facial detail, and include a rifle accessory, with each figure style also being available in pink, tan, or brown color variants. Whether it comes from land, sea, or air, your G.I. Joe collection will be prepared to repel Cobra attack if you add a boatload of G.I. Joe ReAction Blueshirts figures to your troops!

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