From the Static TP

Product Number: 9781959049012


Writer: Various

Artist: Rio Burton

Publisher: Band of Bards

A horror anthology of 17 individual stories exploring the theme of horror from many different angles. Fast-paced and gorey, slow psychological haunts, lighthearted & funny, climate collapse, and more! Among the stories: The Cauldron, written by CJ Hudson, art by Ile Gonzalez, and lettered by Corey Breen. Beholden, written by Brent Fisher and illustrated by Mariateresa Susca. Embrace Me, written & illustrated by Rio Burton. Gravestone Tree, written & illustrated by E.C. Ibes. How the Devil Gets You, written by Doug Wood, art by Federica Mancin, colors by Marty Gassi, and lettering by Toben Racicot. The Infant, written by Wells Thompson, art by Rachel Allen Everett, and lettered by Nathan Kempf. She Who Weeps, written by Jarred Lujn, illustrated by Marcus Jimenez, and lettered by Buddy Beaudoin. Post Traumatic Credit Scene, written by Mike Gibson and illustrated & lettered by Riely McFarlane. The Glow Up, written by Malissa White, art and coloring by Val Halvorson, lettered by Rob Jones, editor Emmett Nahil. The Unfortunate Consequences of Being a Time Traveler, written by Jimmy Gaspero, art by Sam Owen, and lettering by Micah Myers. Pearl Diving, written & illustrated by Alina Wahab. A Little Piece of Me, written & illustrated by Justin Ryan and lettered by DC Hopkins. nu-V(2u), written by Erin Keepers and illustrated by Fend Hamilton. Angler, written by Rob Pilkington and art by J.J. Lpez. Memoirs of a Ghost Hunter, written by Alyssa Gluf and illustrated by Patrick Sinnott. The Bodega, written by Sara Harding and illustrated by Matt Harding.

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