Frankenstein 80 Blu ray

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Publisher: Cauldron

When Professor Schwarz invents a new serum that helps transplant patients better accept their new organs, Dr. Frankenstein quickly steals it to bring to life his greatest creation... Mosaic! Once alive, Mosaic is uncontrollable and escapes from the lab nightly to solicit prostitutes and leave a trail of corpses across the city that only seems to baffle the police and create a wave of fear. Mario Mancini's (camera operator on Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace and Black Sunday) only film as director is a stylish, gory, and sleazy take on the Frankenstein story in true Italian exploitation fashion. With nods to giallo films, a streak of dark humor, featuring gruesome special effects by Carlo Rambaldi (E.T., Bay of Blood) and starring Gordon Mitchell (Shanghai Joe), Xiro Papas (Black Killer), John Richardson (Black Sunday), Renato Romano (The Fifth Cord) and Dalila Di Lazzaro (Flesh for Frankenstein), Cauldron Films is delirious to present Frankenstein '80, uncensored and restored on Blu-ray for the first time to an unsuspecting North American audience. 2K restoration from the uncensored negative / 1080p presentation English audio Optional English SDH subtitles Italian audio w/ English subtitles Extras Dalila Forever: The Recorded Memories of Dalila Di Lazzaro Little Frankensteins: History of Italian Frankenstein films with Domenico Monetti Audio commentary by film historian Heather Drain Reversible Blu-ray wrap with alternate artwork 1972 / 88 mins / 1.85:1 / Director - Mario Mancini / All Region

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