Exiles TP Vol 02 Trial of Exiles

Product Number: 9781302911669

$17.99 $15.29 15%

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Artist: Rod Reis

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The reality-hopping adventurers continue their exploits across the Marvel Multiverse! Theyll face a fistful of (evil) mutants when the Exiles land in the Old West! But whose side is the Black Panther on and who does he have in his Vibranium crosshairs? Then, in a dusty Arabian town, who is the neer-do-well son of a tailor everyones calling Aladdin? Plus: The Watchers have their all-seeing eyes fixed firmly on the Exiles. Nobody messes with the timestream while theyre on duty. Justice will be served! And when fallen teammate Khan who sacrificed herself to stop the Time-Eater returns, her friends might not be happy to see her...or her team of evil Exiles! Meet Captain Axis, Shuri Killmonger, Iron Kang, X 2/3rd and Skele-Thor! Collecting EXILES (2018) #7-12. Rated T+

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