Escape From Bitch Mountain from Comic Book Slumber Party

Product Number: 9781910395448

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Writer: Hannah Chapman

Publisher: Avery hill

Comic Book Slumber Party is BACK!

And this time they’re taking on the dank dungeons of Bitch Mountain.

Far famed for its cruel Warlock overlord, Bitch Mountain is easily the deadliest destination on any adventurers map, but with it’s rumoured riches and guaranteed bragging rights it’s an opportunity Greasy can’t refuse.

Edited by Hannah K. Chapman, with contributions from Korrinna Mei Veropoulou, Amy Lora, Liana Buszka, Lauren Burke, Léa Vera Toro, Barbawk, April Szafranski, Jenny Mure, Atla Hrafney, Ahmara Smith, Jenn Woodall, and Nicole Miles, CBSP: Escape from Bitch Mountain follows Greasy as she navigates a hangover from hell, battles foul beasts, and faces her direst peril yet... the Friend Zone!

Can Greasy find her way out of the depths with her treasure (and her dignity) intact?

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