Enola Holmes Case of Lefthanded Lady HC

Product Number: 9781684054725

$14.99 $12.74 15%

Writer: Serena Blasco

Artist: Serena Blasco

Publisher: IDW Entertainment

Sherlock Holmes strong-willed and equally brilliant younger sister takes center stage in these graphic novel adaptations of Nancy Springers bestselling mystery series. Hiding from Sherlock and their older brother, Mycroft, who want to place her in a boarding school following her mothers disappearance, Enola has reinvented herself as Ivy Meshle, secretary to the fictitious Dr. Ragostin, specialist in finding missing persons. Her new client? None other than Sherlocks friend, Dr. John Watson! His mission: to employ Dr. Ragostin to find the missing Enola! She decides to take the case, only so she can keep tabs on Sherlocks every move to locate her.

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