Empire of the Apes DVD

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Publisher: Alpha

After man falls, there will come an empire of the apes!!

In a distant galaxy, three escaped female convicts land on what they assume is a barren, post-apocalyptic world. They couldn t be more wrong. The planet is ruled by super-intelligent apes who find the women ideal for furthering their race. They are pursued by both sex-starved primates and an alien bounty hunter sworn to return them to prison. Escape may be impossible on a planet where apes rule and humans are nothing more than breeding stock...

Empire of the Apes director Mark Polonia started making films as a teenager, when he and his brother John collaborated on the straight-to-video cult classic Splatter Farm (1987). In the years since, Mark has made over 40 movies, often working with with his brother (who sadly passed away in 2008.) Their 1996 alien invasion film Feeders was Blockbuster Video s No.1 independent film rental for that year. In recent years, Mark has been producing and directing films alongside B-movie master Brett Piper (Queen Crab, Triclops), who provides the special effects for Empire of the Apes.

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