EK2 Lost Years HC

Product Number: 9781624650703


Author: Derek Stenning

Artist: Derek Stenning

Publisher: Design Press

Derek Stenning’s last few years have been challenging, particularly from a personal work point of view, and a lot of this time seemed lost to him.

A terminal illness in the family put him in the position of a primary caregiver. This, along with too much professional work, injury, and family duties left him burnt out, with little time for his own art.

During these busy times he often turned back to his Entartete Kunst series to distract him from the craziness going on in his life. This art project had rejuvenated him once before with his book Born in Concrete; maybe it could do it again. A sketch here or there, or a painting, started to get him through a difficult spot. Few of these pieces were finished; many were begun and left, as he had no time or energy to complete them.

Thankfully, he has had more breathing room recently, and he circled back to finish those pieces. EK2: The Lost Years is a collection of model kit design work and production paintings, personal commissions, and a selection of material from a resin statue project.

He hopes, by completing this work, it will allow him—from an artistic point of view—to reclaim these lost years.

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