Marvel Comics

Earth X Trilogy Omnibus Omega HC

Product Number: 9781302916220


Writer: Alex Ross

Artist: Steve Pugh

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Alex Ross dark vision of the Marvel Universes future concludes! Captain Marvel led a charge against Death and killed her! Now no one will ever die again. They may writhe in pain, their bodies broken they may cry out for their suffering to end but they will not perish. Death is truly dead. What has Mar-Vell done?! Now, the remaining heroes of Earth X must band together to end the torment of the paradise they helped create. Will their desperate quest to restore Death succeed? Collecting the full epic climax of the Earth X Trilogy plus the story behind Nighthawks demonic visions, starring Daredevil and Mephisto! And an enormous and comprehensive array of sketches and background material! Collecting PARADISE X: HERALDS #1-3; PARADISE X #0-12, #X, XEN, DEVILS, A and SPECIAL EDITION; PARADISE X: RAGNAROK #1-2 and NIGHTHAWK (1998) #1-3. Rated T+

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