Drive In Asylum #8

Product Number: DIA08


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Our July 2017 issue is packed with stuff about our favorite cannibal love story, "The Folks At Red Wolf Inn", aka "Terror House" (and lots of other titles, too)! We've got lots of clippings and ads for you to look at, but the best part? The star of "Terror House", Linda Gillen, gives us an exclusive interview that's all about the making of the movie. Linda talks about her remembrances of director Bud Townsend, her costars in the film, the filming locations, and much, much more. New contributor Terry Thome also talks about the film's fascinating mixture of comedy, cannibalism, and romance.

We've also got a Lucio Fulci double feature of reviews for you, as Phil Carbo and Sam Panico return to talk about two films from the Maestro, 1980's "The Gates Of Hell" and 1984's "Conquest". Dustin Fallon talks about "The Crater Lake Monster", and Victor Leroi's Video Nasty series takes on Tobe Hooper's 1976 "Eaten Alive". Actor/director Dan West talks about the rare novelization of "Blood Feast" in his first feature for the 'zine, as well.

I've also put together lots of great ads for the aforementioned films, as well as the galleries you expect in DIA that will take you back to the days of hunting for cool movies in the newspaper.

5 1/2" by 8 1/2", black and white (some pages printed on color sheets), 44 pages.

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