Draculina Blood Simple #4

Product Number: 72513032796304011


Writer: Christopher Priest

Artist: Michael Sta. Maria

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Guest-starring Vampirella! The family reunion from hell escalates with Vampi being drawn into her sisters evil scheme. Arriving in Los Angeles to stop Draculinas serial killing of Vampi look-alikes, Vampi finds herself caught in the blood war between fallen angels and the demon Belial, for whom Vampis mother Lilith gave birth to a legion of monsters. All of the children of LilithDraculina, Vampirella, the sea creature Levi and adopted children Victory and Vampirettehave been marked for death by this host of vengeful angels (The original Hells angels...?), which suits Draculinas nihilistic scheme just fine!
Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto

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