Doctor Who 13th #0

Product Number: 07447068113700011


Writer: Richard Dinnick

Artist: Giorgia Sposito

Publisher: Titan

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The ultimate celebration of the Doctor''s many, many lives, a perfect beginner''s guide and a brilliant tribute for long-term fans to enjoy! It''s said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die: as the Doctor regenerates from his Twelfth incarnation to her Thirteenth, she relives memories from her many incarnations, showcasing unseen adventures from EVERY version of the Doctor! If you don''t know your TARDIS from your Sonic Screwdriver, this story is a wonderful introduction to Doctor Who. If you''ve seen every adventure so far, it''s an amazing journey from the past into the future! - Marian Laclaustra drawing adventures for the Twelfth, First, and Seventh Doctors! - Giorgia Sposito drawing the Second, Fifth, Tenth, and Twelfth Doctors! - Arianna Florean drawing the Third and Sixth Doctors! - Brian Williamson drawing the Fourth Doctor! - Iolanda Zanfardino drawing the Eighth Doctor! - Neil Edwards drawing the War Doctor! - Pasquale Qualano drawing the Ninth and Eleventh Doctors! - Rachael Slott and Claudia Ianniciello drawing our first look at the Thirteenth Doctor!

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