Doctor Strange by Mark Waid TP Vol 03 Herald

Product Number: 9781302914578

$17.99 $15.29 15%

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Barry Kitson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Doctor Strange: herald of Galactus?! When an alien sorcerer demands Stephen Stranges help saving his far-off planet from Galactus, the World-Eater ends up banished to the darkest depths of the mystic realms! Now Strange, his powers depleted, must undertake a rescue mission like never before! What effects will consuming other realities planets have on Galactus? Dimensions are destabilized as the cosmic balance is upset, and now its up to the good Doctor to make sure the World-Eaters bout of interdimensional indigestion doesnt destroy all that is! With a new other-dimensional feast and an unholy alliance, Galactus has never been more terrifying! Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE (2018) #12-17. Rated T+

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