Disney's Tangled The Write Story TP

Product Number: 9780736438490

$8.99 $7.65 15%

Writer: Jimmy Gownley

Artist: Veronica DiLorenzo

Publisher: Random House

A new graphic novel series featuring original stories starring Disney Princess Rapunzel from the hit Disney Channel show Tangled: The Series--by New York Times bestselling writer/artist Jimmy Gownley!

Rapunzel is totally fangirling--she's about to meet her favorite author! After starting a book club to catch up on anything and everything she missed over the last 18 years, Rapunzel becomes obsessed with the books by J. K. Yewgise. The king invites the author to Corona, and she offers to write Rapunzel's authorized biography. Rapunzel is thrilled! But after a series of mishaps, Eugene accidentally ends up telling most of her story--and he tends to exaggerate. Now Rapunzel's biography is full of lies! Will the princess be able to get herself out of this pickle? This original graphic novel by New York Times bestselling writer/artist Jimmy Gownley is inspired by the Disney Channel animated show Tangled: The Series. Children ages 6 to 9 will love this 96-page, full-color graphic novel.

The long blonde hair is back with Disney Tangled: The Series, an animated series that continues the fantastic adventures of Rapunzel and Eugene that began in Disney's 50th animated classic, Tangled.

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