Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TP Vol 03 Return to Cimmeria

Product Number: 9781302916022

$39.99 $33.99 15%

Writer: Tim Truman

Artist: Paul Lee

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Rogues in the House and other tales of Conan! The Barbarian finds himself in the middle of a power struggle in an inspired adaptation of one of Robert E. Howards most acclaimed short stories! Then, a lingering curse follows Conan on his journey back to his homeland and great darkness lies ahead in a doomed city! As evil from his past moves ever closer, unfathomable terrors loom into view on the return to Cimmeria! The barbaric land of Conans birth is a welcome change from the treacherous cities of the East but when a tentative truce with the Aesir is threatened by the first woman Conan ever loved, he again finds himself at the heart of conflict that will test his formidable strength, cunning mind and passionate heart! Collecting CONAN (2004) #40-50 and CONAN THE CIMMERIAN #0-7. Parental Advisory

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