Complete Little Orphan Annie HC Vol 15

Product Number: 9781684053513


Writer: Harold Gray

Artist: Harold Gray

Publisher: IDW Entertainment

It''s ''Open Season for Trouble'' as America''s spunkiest kid, ''Daddy'' Warbucks, and his bodyguards Punjab and The Asp battle wily Communist spies, search for a potentially game-changing mineral known as QX-7, contend with small-town cheats, and make a frightful discovery about disappearing patients at a shady rest home. The action ranges from the played-out mining town of Fiasco, where ''Daddy'' made his first million, to the land of the genii, where Punjab dispatches his enemies. Meanwhile, Annie and Sandy are separated, but their inevitable reunion may be a silver lining inside a very dark cloud! Volume 15 collects the daily strips and the full-color Sunday pages from March 13, 1950 to October 28, 1951. Bullet points: ? Advance solicited for November release! ? ''One of the most impressive comic-strip collections ever produced.''-The Washington Times

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