Cloak and Dagger TP Agony and Ecstasy

Product Number: 9781302918811

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Writer: Terry Austin

Artist: Mike Vosburg

Publisher: Marvel Comics

From despair to DSpayre! With Tyrone Johnson dead and buried, a blind and grief-stricken Dagger deals with the agony of loss while the villainous Ecstasy wears Cloaks cloak! But rumors of Tys death have been greatly exaggerated does he have what it takes to reclaim his mantle? Hed better hope so, because when the Acts of Vengeance hit, our reunited duo will encounter the Avengers! Meanwhile, the evil Mr. Jip has been scheming for months and his multifaceted plans will soon come to fruition! But what does Doctor Doom have to do with it? Plus: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider help Cloak and Dagger take on...Mephisto? And can our heroes cope with the demonic DSpayre, who bears shocking revelations about their origins? Collecting MUTANT MISADVENTURES OF CLOAK AND DAGGER #5-13, CLOAK AND DAGGER (1990) #14-19 and DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) #78. Rated T