City of the Living Dead 4K UHD

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Publisher: Cauldron

"The Dead Shall Rise and Walk the Earth" When a priest hangs himself in a cemetery, he opens the gates of hell in the mysterious New England town of Dunwich. At the same moment, Psychic Mary Woodhouse (Catriona MacColl- House By the Cemetery, The Beyond) enters a trance and witnesses the cosmic events unfold, causing her to seemingly die of fright. After being buried alive, she is rescued by skeptical reporter Peter Bell (Christopher George - Pieces, Enter the Ninja, Rat Patrol) who joins her on the journey toward Dunwich to help close the gates of hell before evil is unleashed upon the world! Will they be able to close the gates in time or will the souls of Dunwich be forever stuck in the twilight void? Lucio Fulci's gut-spewing, brain smashing, head drilling, Lovecraftian zombie nightmare features an amazing list of Italian talent behind the scenes with a screenplay co-written by Dardano Sacchetti (Rat Man, Demons), special FX by Gino De Rossi (Zombie, Cannibal Ferox) cinematography by Sergio Salvati (Contraband, The Beyond), and soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi (Contraband, The Psychic). With supporting performances by Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Phantom of Death, House on the Edge of the Park), Carlo De Mejo (Contamination, House by the Cemetery) and Janet Agren (Rat Man, The Iron Commissioner), City of the Living Dead (a.k.a. The Gates of Hell) is among the greatest Italian Horror films of all time! Cauldron Films is honored to spew forth the worldwide UHD debut of Lucio Fulci's Italian Horror classic from an updated 4K restoration, with a brand new Dolby Vision™ color grade, exclusively commissioned by Cauldron Films, along with hours of new and archival extras! 3 Discs Include 4K UHD Feature, Blu-ray Feature and Blu-ray Extras Disc Double sided Blu-ray wrap with artwork by Matthew Therrien 1980 / Italy / Horror / Director - Lucio Fulci / 93 mins / 1.85:1 / UHD -All Region / BD feature - Region A / BD extras - All Region

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