Bobs Burgers 2020 Wall Calendar

Product Number: 9780789335982


Publisher: Universe Publishing

Based on the Emmy Award-winning, big-hearted animated series Bob's Burgers 2020 Wall Calendar, showcases the entire Belcher family in their best moments.

Centering on patriarch Bob (Archer's H. Jon Benjamin) who runs his business with his wife, porcelain baby collector and dinner-theatre enthusiast Linda (voice by John Roberts), the series also features teenage daughter Tina (Dan Mntz) who is obsessed with boys and horses, son Gene (Eugen Mirman) is only afraid of snakes, and youngest daughter Louise (30 Rock's Kristen Schaal) never, ever takes off her bunny ears. Ever.

As an added bonus, the calendar includes a sheet of 25 full-color Bob's Burgers stickers!

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