Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #312

Product Number: 76281646950031211


Writer: George Gladir

Artist: Kennedy

Publisher: Archie

TWO BRAND NEW STORIES! First, in 'The Foxy New Kid,' Kevin asks Veronica to help him out with an important request. The new kid-Shinji-is really cool but also mysterious. He can't get a read on him. But when the two of them decide to just confront him, he's nowhere to be found. Instead, they get ambushed by Ghost Fox. Why are they after Shinji? Who hired them? What's their scheme? Then, in 'Real Horse Power,' Betty and Veronica are on Lodge's ranch. The newly hired manager, Nevada Jones, is a bit much-does Mr. Jones really need to wear the mask? But when the horses spook and stampede, he's immediately chasing them down. Betty joins the chase and helps to lasso the wild stallions!
Cover Artist: Dan Parent

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