Batman Arkham Viktor Zsasz TP

Product Number: 9781401298975


Writer: Alan Grant

Artist: Norm Breyfogle

Publisher: DC Comics

No remorse, no mercy...just ruthless death: Victor Zsasz has long been one of Batmans most formidable enemies, and now his most infamous stories have been collected! This volume includes Zsaszs debut story arc and much more, including a never before published story by writer Devin Grayson and artist Roger Robinson! Collects Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1-4, Batman: Streets of Gotham #10-11, a story from Batman Chronicles #3, Batman: Batgirl #1, Detective Comics #815-816, a story from Detective Comics (2011) #18, Rogues Gallery #1, and an unpublished story intended for Batman: Gotham Knights #12!

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