Barb the Last Berzerker GN Vol 01

Product Number: 9781534485716


Writer: Dan Abdo

Artist: Jason Patterson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Barb is a Berzerker, one of a group of warriors sworn to protect the land of Bailiwick from the scourge of monsters that plagues it. But the fearsome crew seem to have met their match in the nefarious Witch Head. Using power from his magical sword, he tricked the Zerks and took them captive. Only Barb was able to escapeand she took Witch Heads Shadow Blade with her. Now its up to Barb to free her fellow warriors so they can stop Witch Head from taking over Bailiwick. On the way, shell battle vampire goat fiends, snot goblins, and a giant with serious foot odor issues (but dont mention that to himhes very sensitive about it). Luckily, shes got her best friend, Porkchop the yeti, to help her. But the power of the Shadow Blade has a mind of its own, and the deeper Barb gets into her quest, the harder it is to keep the blades awesome power under control.

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