Avengers by Bendis TP Vol 05

Product Number: 9780785160823

$24.99 $21.24 15%

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Brandon Peterson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Mission to the Microverse! Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Giant-Man embark on a dangerous trip to the subatomic world of the Microverse -- home to strange alien races, a power-sapping atmosphere and a centaur warlord who wants them dead! It's also the location of an emergency beacon signaling an Avenger in trouble. What - or better yet, who -- they find there will change the Avengers forever. . . if they survive!

Plus: Simon Williams has a problem. As the legendary Avenger Wonder Man, he fought countless battles as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Now, he wants the Avengers to disband -- or else. What are his motives? And what happens when the Avengers say no?

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