Avengers By Bendis Prem HC Vol 05

Product Number: 9780785160816

$29.99 $25.49 15%

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Brandon Peterson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It's the final explosive story arc for longtime Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis!

Tony Stark intercepts a signal that may lead the Avengers into the arms of one of their dearest friends - or their greatest enemies. Two classic Avengers return for the first time in years as a giant status-quo shift looms on the horizon.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes must come to terms with themselves as a team and a family, but does this modern world really need the Avengers? One of the most controversial and spectacular eras of the Avengers comes to a spectacular and controversial conclusion!

Plus: Wonder Man doesn't think the Avengers are helping the world, and he's willing to do whatever is needed to stop them -. even forming his own team, the Revengers!

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