Avengers Assemble TP VOL 03

Product Number: 9780785161967

$34.99 $29.74 15%

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artist: George Perez

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Earth's mightiest heroes vs. Marvel's most wanted and more! The crisis of the eighth day pits the Avengers against the unstoppable force that is the Juggernaut, while Triathlon's first day as an Avenger takes the team south of the border and back in time thousands of years!

And how does the mystery of Madame Masque match the curse of Count Nefaria? Guest-starring the Thunderbolts, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Patsy Walker, the newly resurrected Hellcat! Plus: Citizen V, the Crimson Cowl and Scourge!

Collects Avengers (1998) #24-34, Avengers Annual 2000, and Thunderbolts #42-44

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