Avengers Assemble Living Legends TP

Product Number: 9781302916381

$9.99 $8.49 15%

Writer: Ralph Macchio

Artist: Todd Nauck

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Your favorite movie heroes in action-packed comic book adventures! When tragedy strikes Asgard, Thor must hit back against the ice giant Ymir! The villainous Klaw visits sound and fury on Wakanda and the Black Panther! TChalla joins Black Widow, Captain America and the Falcon on a mission to the moon where awaits a deadly weapon powered by shards of the Cosmic Cube! Scott Ant-Man Lang lives up to Hank Pyms heroic legacy when he teams with the Wasp for a return trip to Dimension Z home of the Living Eraser! And on Carol Danvers Day, will the Mighty Captain Marvel make it to her own celebration? Collecting THOR: WHERE WALK THE FROST GIANTS, BLACK PANTHER: THE SOUND AND THE FURY, AVENGERS: SHARDS OF INFINITY, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: LIVING LEGENDS and CAPTAIN MARVEL: STRONGER & MIGHTIER. Rated T