Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller

Product Number: 9781423113362

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Writer: Joseph Lambert

Artist: Joseph Lambert

Publisher: Hyperion

Helen Keller lost her ability to see and hear before she turned two years old. But in her lifetime, she learned to ride horseback and dance the foxtrot. She became a world famous speaker and author. She befriended Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin, and Alexander Graham Bell. And above all, she revolutionized public perception and treatment of the blind and the deaf.

The catalyst for this remarkable life's journey was Annie Sullivan, a young woman who was herself visually impaired. Hired on as a tutor when Helen was 6-years old, Annie broke down the barriers between Helen and the wider world.

In Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller, author and illustrator Joseph Lambert examines the powerful bond between teacher and pupil, resulting in an inspiring, emotional, and wholly original take on the story of these two great Americans.

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