Alien to Zombies ABC Book of Monsters and Spooks HC

Product Number: 9781640410565


Author: Kevin Somers

Artist: Mark Chiarello

Publisher: Flesk Publications

After a successful caper chasing a gang of disembodied teen ghouls from an abandoned junior high school, paranormal investigator and legendary artist Mark Chiarello found himself stranded in a ghost town just on the outskirtsen of nowhere along with his wordsmith and fellow ghost-chaser, Kevin Somers. There they were met by an unsettling stranger with an even more unsettling wager: to stay the night in California's most notorious haunted hotel! Without hesitation, the two agreed and took up residence for the night in the creepiest old manor anyone had ever set eyes on. In a stroke of genius (or perhaps madness), the two swiftly went to work making the ultimate tool to fight fear: Alien to Zombie: An ABC Book of Monsters and Spooks! By sunrise, our heroes' fears and nightmares were replaced with laughter and cheers, all thanks to the playful yet powerful hardcover book the two crafted.

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