Alex Horley Sketchbook Deluxe HC

Product Number: 9781934331293

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Author: J. David Spurlock Ed.

Artist: Alex Horley

Publisher: Vanguard

Explore the world of Fantasy Artist Alex Horley in this powerful new collection. 200 illustrations--many never before published from the World of Warcraft TCG, Magic: The Gathering, Heavy Metal, Vampirella, and characters from Marvel and DC Comics.

"Alex Horley's art jumps off the page, grabs you by the throat, and smashes your f#©%ing head against the wall until you beg for mercy. Complete mind-numbing artistic devastation!" (ROB ZOMBIE, Rockstar & Filmmaker)

"I knew that working with Alex was going to be a piece of cake when I saw the first card he did for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. He nailed everything. Mighty characters wielding huge weapons, dynamic poses, and bold, saturated colors. Another amazing thing is that he can actually paint! In the age of digital art, it gives me joy that there are still artists out there doing it the way the masters have for ages. Well done, Alex. Keep bringing it." (Sam Didier, Senior Art Director, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.)

"Alex Rocks!!! Every one of his paintbrush strokes is like a sword slash of our favorite barbarian in the newest Sword and Sorcery epic." Gene Simmons (KISS co-founder & Bassist)

"Alex's painting hits with the impact of a wild beast charging at full speed. Vitality and clarity of line blend with lush, feral color and expert technique all his own." (Dan Brereton, Fan-favorite artist-writer-creator of The Nocturnals)

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