Image Comics

Alan Moore Wild Worlds TP

Product Number: 9781401213794


Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: Scott Clark

Publisher: Image Comics

Like all great storytellers, Alan Moore transports the reader into a world that is complete and uniquely his own, one that makes you feel right at home. As the writer of Watchmen, V For Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and a host of others, he has demonstrated this time and time again, winning nearly every industry award along the way.

In Wild Worlds the celebrated scribe presents his take on some of WildStorm's most enduring characters-WildC.A.T.s, Deathblow, VooDoo,and Majestic, and special guest star Spawn, all of whom live in exotic-sometimes even outlandish-worlds: a stripper turned superhero turned private detective; a world populated by the clones of a secret agent; a time-twisted tale of a man who travels years into the future merely to find that even there, his past remains out of reach; and the last story of an immortal at the end of time.

Moore is joined by distinguished collaborators Jim Baikie, Travis Charest, Scott Clark, Carlos D'Anda, Al Rio, Michael Lopes and others in this spectacular tour of the WildStorm Universe.

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