Age of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler TP

Product Number: 9781302915773

$15.99 $13.59 15%

Writer: Seanan McGuire

Artist: Juan Frigeri

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Kurt Wagner is the star of the Age of X-Man! From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, everyone loves Nightcrawler the worlds biggest celebrity/super hero! And juggling Kurts responsibilities as one of the X-Men and his slate of summer blockbusters would be impossible without the best support staff in the business: stunt coordinator Magma! Personal trainer Kylun! Leading lady Meggan! And then theres Mystique... But something is rotten in Tinseltown, and tabloid terror is in store when its discovered that our leading man has a secret! Can Nightcrawlers squeaky-clean public image survive an explosive affair? Or will it be the final curtain for Kurt as the Age of X-Man crumbles around him?! Collecting AGE OF X-MAN: THE AMAZING NIGHTCRAWLER #1-5. Rated T+