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Marvel Comics

Age of Conan Belit #1

Product Number: 75960609266600111


Writer: Tini Howard

Artist: Kate Niemczyk

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Limit 1 copy per mail order customer please.

THE SHE-DEVIL OF THE SEA WHO WOULD BE QUEEN! BLIT. The name alone conjures fear up and down the coasts of the Hyborian Age. And the sight of her ship, the Tigress, is an omen of despair for any town in the pirate queens path! The AGE OF CONAN kicks off with one of Conans most formidable and memorable female compatriots, in an all-new story revealing how she became the undisputed QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST! The teenage Blit, obsessed with the sea as well as the monsters and treasures she thinks are summoning her there stows away on the ship of the dread Admiral ATRAHASIS into a deadly adventure even she could not predict! PLUS: The first chapter in an all-new BLIT prose novella, presented here for the first time! Parental Advisory

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